Sunday, June 1, 2014

Welcome one and all

                            Hello! This blog is run by me, aka, Rebecca. I will be graduating from high school this month. Later this summer I will be returning to my home in the Bahamas, but I will not be going for senior week. My family and I will be going as missionaries for Bahamas Methodist Conference. We will be in Nassau, New Providence which is most commonly known for Atlantis. Sadly that is not where we'll be. We will be in Fox Hill. My mother is a Reverend and will be preaching at two local churches. My father will be working for Bahamas Methodist Habitat. I will be working with children and youth in the community.

                        I plan on keeping this blog as updated as I can with what I am doing. If you have any questions feel free to ask me, about my work or my parents.

Name: Rebecca Hosier
Affiliated with: General Board of Global Ministries and Bahamas Methodist Habitat
Going to school for: Social Sciences
Working with: Children and Youth, Young girls
Enjoys: Painting, kayaking, photography, reading

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